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Below you'll find an overview of Questionnaires that were used in our lab. All questionnaires can be downloaded as PDF. Some PDF's represent scientific articles describing psychometric characteristics of the questionnaires, but also list the items.

Resistance to Peer Influence (All ages, English)

Resistance to Peer Influence (Adolescents, Dutch)

Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (All ages, Dutch)

Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (All ages, English)

Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Adults, English, 18-items)

Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Adults, English, 8-items)

Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Student, English, 18 & 8 items)

Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Children, English, 12-items)

Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Children, English, 6-items)

Self-Perception Profile (Adults, English)

Self-Perception Profile (Student, English)

Self-Perception Profile (Children, English)

Self-Perception Profile (Adolescents, English)

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (Children, English)

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