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Melle J.W. van der Molen, PhD

Principal Investigator

I am an assistant professor in Clinical Neurodevelopmental Psychology at Leiden University and principal investigator at the CoDAP lab. My work lies at the intersection between developmental cognitive neuroscience and clinical psychology. A key denominator of my work is employing a multi-method approach - combining behavioral and neuroimaging assessments, as well as advanced statistical methods. I aim at discovering reliable transdiagnostic markers that will aid in understanding the etiology of psychological disorders


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Elise Kortink, MSc

Ph.D. candidate

I am a PhD candidate for the Developmental and Educational Psychology at Leiden University and enthusiastic member of the CoDAP lab. My PhD project (i.e., the Changing Minds project), funded by an NWO Research Talent grant, aims to identify subgroups of people, characterized by similarities in personality, environmental, physiological and behavioral responses in various social contexts. These subgroups, or ‘symptom-profiles’ should help indicate who is at risk for developing social anxiety disorder in adolescence. I am particularly interested in examining potential differences in a brain mechanism involved during social learning and behavioral responses to uncertain social situations.


Selin Topel, MSc


I am a research collaborator in the CoDAP lab and a PhD candidate in the Clinical Psychology unit at Leiden University. I received my M.Sc. (Research) in Developmental Psychology from Leiden University and hold a B.A. in Psychology from Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. In the CoDAP lab, I work on the Changing Minds project, and I am interested in understanding the mechanisms involved in feedback processing and learning in social evaluative contexts. As part of the interdepartmental Social Resilience and Security Program, my PhD project - co-supervised by Prof. Ellen de Bruijn, Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde, and Dr. Henk van Steenbergen - will focus on the relationship between resilience, uncertainty, and cognitive flexibility.


Ruya Akdag, MSc

Research Assistant & Lecturer

I am a research assistant for the CoDAP lab. I received my research master's degree in Cognitive neuroscience from Leiden University. My previous line of research was centered around social anxiety and especially its psychophysiological underpinnings during emotion processing. I am excited to continue this line of work in the CoDAP lab. I will work on the Changing Minds project where I will further examine the physiological and neurological mechanisms underlying social anxiety in feedback processing. Furthermore, I am interested to examine individual differences between socially anxious individuals based on behavioral, contextual, and personality traits to better understand the different profiles of social anxiety.

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Clarissa Kölgen, BSc

Thesis student

I am a master’s student in the Child and Adolescent Psychology track at Leiden University. I am currently writing my thesis in the context of the Changing Minds project. I would love to learn more about social cognition in developmental psychopathology. The neurophysiological and autonomic correlates of social anxiety are of particular interest to me.


Sanyogita Khare BSc

Thesis student

I am a research master student in the Developmental Psychology track at Leiden University. I received my BSc in Psychology (specialization Educational and Developmental Psychology) from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently, I am working on my master thesis within the Changing Minds project. I am primarily interested in how psycho-social factors can affect the neural mechanisms that play a role in adolescent development and well-being. Therefore, I will be investigating how trait-level rejection sensitivity may interact with experiences of peer victimization to shape how adolescents process and learn from negative social-evaluative feedback.

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Louise van de Breevaart

Thesis student

I am a Bachelor of Psychology student at Leiden University and I am carrying out my Honors Research Bachelor Project within the Changing Minds project. My research interests include the fields of Clinical Neuropsychology and Developmental Psychology. The Changing Minds project allows me to study the neurophysiological and behavioral effects of performance-related feedback in people with different levels of social anxiety. 


Duygu Narin

Research intern

I am a master’s student in Clinical Psychology at the Social Sciences University of Ankara. Currently, I am doing Erasmus+ internship in the CoDAP lab within the Changing Minds project. I am interested in the neuronal and behavioral mechanisms of social anxiety to understand how social anxiety affects psychophysiological pathways in adolescence.


Ph.D. candidates

Anita Harrewijn (2013-2017; currently a postdoc at Erasmus University, Rotterdam)


Research master students

Selin Topel (2018-2020; currently a Ph.D. student at Leiden University)

Fenna Mensonides (2018-2019)

Sophie Sweijen (2017-2018; currently a Ph.D. student at SYNC-lab)

Elise Kortink  (2016-2018; current Ph.D. student at CoDAP-lab)

Evelien Urbanus (2015; currently a Ph.D. candidate at Leiden University)

Eefje Poppelaars (2013-2015; Received Ph.D. from U. Salzburg 2020, currently data scientist)

Laura Dekkers (2012; received Ph.D. from UvA, currently a practicing psychologist)

Sanne van Luenen (2012; received Ph.D. from Leiden University, currently project manager)

Professional master students

Laura van Toor (2021)

Robin Lubbe (2021)

Lisa Glorie (2021)

Noor Nabuurs (2021)

Nadine Nugter (2021)

Didier Ching (2021)

Emma Holden (2021)

Suze Bik (2020)

Lili Collot D'Escury (2019)

Andrea Simková (2019)

Slobodanka Peshovska (2019)

Niklas Schutter (2019)

Sander Buuron (2019)

Sinead Craddock (2018)

Amber Feher (2018)

Styliani Kountzaki (2018)

Arja Roeleveld (2018)

Mine Tashan (2018)

Konstantina Mataftsi (2017)

Marina Sitarenios (2017)

Manouk Vernij (2017)

Sabina Weistra (2017)

Raluca Gatej (2016)

Miranda Lutz (2016)

Deborah Noorlander (2016)

Femke Jongejan (2015)

Julia Dijkman (2014)

Charlotte Hiemstra (2014)

Kainah Marx (2014)

Dimitra Nikolakou (2014)

Denise Roest (2014)

Caroline van Hartingsveldt (2013)

Laura Sakka (2013)

Lena Zachou (2013)


Honors research bachelor students

Louise van den Breevaart (2020-2021)

Klara Wiezcorke (2020-2021)

Christin Kuehner (2019-2020)

Siobhan Hyde (2018-2019)

Lisa Straetmans (2017-2018)

Sophie Sweijen (2016-2017)

Tessel Derckx (2015-2016)

Ninke van den Berge (2014-2015)

Elise Kortink (2013-2014)

Eefje Poppelaars (2012-2013)


*Please contact me if your name is not on this list and you are an alumnus