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Research topic fo Frontiers in Neuroscience: Brain Imaging Methods that presents a variety of articles describing MEG/EEG group analysis methods, from source modeling of evoked potentials to multivariate pattern recognition. All articles have used the same data set, and have made available their analysis scripts. Software packages include: EEGlab, Fieldtrip, Brainstorm, MNE, NUTMEG, SPM.

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The Science of Behavior Change (SOBC) Network offers a variety of measures (self-report questionnaires and tasks) to examine potential targets for behavior change interventions. These measures tap the following broad domains: (1) self-regulation, (2) stress reactivity and stress resilience, and (3) interpersonal and social processes. Most measures are well-validated (or in process of being validated).


On this website, developed by James Uanhore, you can calculate various effect sizes (e.g., Cohen's D, partial eta squared, r). 


On this website, you can covert between different effect sizes

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